Do you have what it takes to be a professional model?Model

Are you already a professional model and just need polishing?

LOOKS will answer all your questions from A to Z.

Have you ever been approached about modeling? As in many professions, modeling requires certain physical qualities. Without these, a career in modeling is virtually impossible.

LOOKS will help determine if you have what it takes to become a part of this selective industry. Loretta Wilger has over 15 years experience as a professional international model and five years as a booking agent in Europe and the United States. Loretta will teach each aspiring model what it takes to stand out in the competitive industry and to land a top agency such as FACTOR, FACTOR/CHOSEN, Stewart Talent, 10 MGNT and Wilhelmina. Our classes have been developed through years of professional experience. We work with kids, teens, women, plus size women (10-16) and men.  



Please include: Name, Contact information, Measurements (height, bust, waist, hips and size),Model

Photos: headshot with no makeup (straight on with smile, straight on without smile and profile)

and a full length body shot in a swimsuit. (Two piece for woman).

Ages: 5 - 60

Professional photos are not required.


Private Consultation

LOOKS works with kids, teens, women, plus size women (10-16) and men.

If you would like information on the modeling business we suggest you book a private consultation with Loretta at LOOKS. Learn everything from A to Z about the modeling business and find out if you have potential to meet with other agencies.
Find Out if the Business is Right for You:
Private Consultation: $100



PRIVATE ONE HOUR On Camera Movement Class:

Do you feel confident and capable moving in front of the camera? This course covers catalogue, commercial print, advertising and editorial. On-camera integrity is the most important asset in getting chosen for high profile jobs. This course will develop and polish facial expressions and body language, while building the confidence needed to develop a consistent clientele.

Appointments available at LOOKS Naperville.

1 Hour Private Class: $125


Professional One on One Model Packages:

Appointments available at LOOKS Naperville.

2 - One hour, On Camera Movement or Runway Classes: $225. (Reg. $250).

3 - One hour, On Camera Movement or Runway Classes: $325. (Reg. $375).

4 - One hour, On Camera Movement or Runway Classes: $425. (Reg. $500).


Professional Group One Hour Packages:

Appointments available at LOOKS Naperville.

2 to 3 Models $95 per person

4 Models: $75 per person

5 to 8 Models $65 per person

All classes are customized for each model’s needs.

*Model packages are non-refundable.

Call us at 630-470-9531 to make an appointment.


Professional Model Makeup Classes:

Professional Models are required to know how to do a beautiful flawless natural makeup for Castings, Print and Runway.
Feel more confident and professional in just one private 1.5hr makeup class
Learn: simple techniques, hot new trends and tips & correct colors for your skin tone.

(Loretta will apply make up to one side of your face as you duplicate it on the other).


Photo by: Alicia's Photography, Naperville, IL

Models will learn...

- How to properly wash and cleanse skin.

- How to apply make up with a “LESS IS MORE” approach.

- How to maintain their natural brow.

- How to put together a professional Makeup kit.

Please bring the products you are presently using (Makeup, Makeup Brushes & Skin Care), we will evaluate what you should keep, or toss.

Session includes: A professional make up application, skincare regimen evaluation, eyebrow maintance and step-by-step instructions.

Appointments available at LOOKS Naperville.

MODEL MAKEUP CLASS (1 - 1.5hr)  $150

Ultimate Makeup Kit $240






A Smokey Eye can be intimadating. Let us show you how easily it can be acheived. All classes taught by Loretta.